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Kent Crafted: Where whispers of heritage are carved into every creation. Feel the resonance of handcrafted artistry, a timeless connection that spans generations. Explore our legacy, ignite your story.

Enter woodcraft's embrace. From raw timber crafted into treasures linking family generations together. Feel the grain, ignite connection. This is where legacy lives.

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Artisanal Rustic Wooden Coasters

Every coaster in your grasp tells a silent story, echoing from the corridors of Los Angeles' iconic Bradbury Building. As the landmark embraced new chapters and refurbishments dawned, certain pieces stood out, whispering tales too profound to be discarded. Rescued and minimally touched, we sought to retain the wood’s intrinsic, rustic aura, allowing history to shine in its genuine splendor. In our sun-drenched California workshop, where dreams intersect with reality, the Bradbury's legacy melds seamlessly with our family’s touch. While preserving its natural allure, each coaster becomes a testament to LA’s architectural brilliance. Here, under the keen supervision of our spirited 8-year-old daughter as the 'quality control' guardian, we ensure that the legacy is gently preserved, not overshadowed. Holding this coaster, you’re not merely cradling wood. You’re embracing an era, the palpable pulse of a city, and the dreams etched into its very grain. It invites you, not just to admire, but to become a keeper of its ageless tale. Beyond its function, every coaster serves as a captivating talking piece, sparking curiosity and conversations about its rich origins and your exquisite taste. This is beyond a purchase; it’s an invitation, a chance to cradle a narrative that, much like our own, endures through time. Crafted with reverence, by love, awaiting its chapter in your story. **Disclaimer** At Kent Crafted, we deeply value authenticity and the unique stories that nature crafts in every piece of wood. To honor this, we strive to preserve our products as close to their natural state as possible. As a result, all items from our shop may exhibit natural imperfections, such as knots, grains, and unique textures, which we believe only enhance their charm and character. Additionally, please be aware that due to this commitment to authenticity, our products may vary slightly in size, shape, and appearance. We believe these variations make each piece genuinely one-of-a-kind and trust that you'll appreciate the distinct beauty and history that comes with every purchase.

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